About Us

When we met in 1987, we had both already traveled to foreign countries, finished advanced degrees, and worked for several years. Although our lives were full and fulfilling, we realized that God had brought us together and given us a love for each other.

We have so many things in common — as well as many individual interests: music, magic, missions, martial arts, ministry, movies . . . and that is just the “M’s”. With all of our varied interests, we could easily fill a library. We believe that God has created us to be who we are — and we want to use those interests and abilities to make a difference for Him.

With this site, we want to share some of our interests and ideas with you. We realize that most people that get here may just read and move on. But we trust and pray that for some, something on this site will make them stop and think about their relationship with God.

In His Service,

Dick and Sherry