Dick’s Den


We have been in Stephenville for two and a half years since returning from Korea. I am still waiting to see what God’s plan is.

I have the opportunity to preach sometimes. Churches will call who are without a pastor and I can fill-in for a Sunday. When I am not filling in at another church on Sunday morning, I am usually teaching Sunday School at our church in the “Chapel Class” – a wonderful group of adults who are 65+.

For seven years, I served as a missionary/teacher at Global Vision Christian School in Eumseong, South Korea (August 2006-July 2013).

For 6 years I was the Pastor of Pond Springs Baptist Church in Austin, Texas.  I have served as English Pastor for College and Career at a Chinese Mission; Bible teacher at a Christian high school in Texas; and US Army Chaplain’s Assistant.  I have also been on several mission trips – including 2 months as TESOL teacher in China and 1 month as English/ESL teacher in South Korea

I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic College with majors in Religion & Communication Arts and minors in Psychology & Biblical Languages.  I also graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in Missions & Evangelism and a Master of Arts in Communications.

Here are three videos of sermons and one video of teaching in an adult Sunday School class:

July 27, 2014 sermon at Austin Brethren Church; Austin, Texas

February 2, 2014 Sunday School lesson at First Baptist Church; Stephenville, Texas

March 14, 2013 sermon at Global Vision Christian School; English chapel; Eumseong, South Korea

March 31, 2013 (Resurrection Day) sermon at Lighthouse Baptist Church; Jinhae, South Korea

Here are two audios of sermons I preached at Mission Baptist Church – my home church in Songtan, South Korea, while we lived in Korea for 7 years. Just click on the title to hear the sermon in a new browser window.

December 11, 2011 sermon at Mission Baptist Church; Songtan, South Korea

July 22, 2012 sermon at Mission Baptist Church; Songtan, South Korea

I have another website where I plan to post thoughts on theology and life in general.  Please check it out:  www.godthefamily.com  However, I haven’t really started doing anything with that website yet!